Sullivan Race School • 3508 Fords Prairie Ave • Centralia, WA 98531 • PH: 360.736.2791

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Dan Hytry - MSF Instructor
"Mike's class should be required for anyone's first day on the track. You will save yourself countless days of experimenting on your own for what you pick up in two hours of discussion with Mike."
Oliver Jervis - Int'l Racer & Journalist
"By far the best way to improve your riding skills is to learn from a National Champion like Mike Sullivan. His knowledge of local tracks is unsurpassed in the Northwest."
Tom Wertman - AMA Racer
"I went from top ten to top five literally overnight. I highly recommend Mike's course."
Barry Wressell - WMRRA Racer
"Mike can take your current skill level and elevate your ability above your own expectations. After a couple of sessions, I was able to go faster with less effort."
Jim Russell - Street Rider
"I rode on the street for 25 years and couldn't shake my bad cornering and braking habits. Then, I spent a day on the track with Sullivan. What a difference! Mysteries revealed! Now I savor the curves that used to scare me to death. I'm ten times safer and more confident than I ever thought I could be on a bike. The training is terrific, well worth the cost. Thanks, Mike!"
Pacific Raceways
Sept 5th - Thursday
Level 0, I, II, III
The Ridge Motorsports Park
May 24th - Friday
Level 0, II, III
July 12th - Friday
Level 0, II, III
July 31st - Wednesday
Level 0, I, II, III
Sept 14 - Saturday
Level 0, I, II, III
Find out how Sullivan Race School can get you racing in the Northwest!
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