Sullivan Race School • 3508 Fords Prairie Ave • Centralia, WA 98531 • PH: 360.736.2791
One of the most important things you can do to ensure a great day at the track is to arrive early. Preferable by 7:30 am to give you ample time to unload and get through registration, which opens around 7:30. Some good items to bring along are an air tank and air pressure gauge, fuel can, and a friend if possible. You can rent riding gear for any of our school days, make sure to reserve them in advance.
A valid driver's license with motorcycle endorsement.
A clean, street motorcycle in good condition with no fluid leaks of any kind.
Removed or taped up lights, signals and mirrors.
A leather or Kevlar riding suit in good condition. We have a few suits available to rent.
A full-faced helmet that is approved to at least Snell 90 specification with no damage.
Tires in good, safe condition.
Leather riding or racing gloves.
Boots that cover the ankle.
Pacific Raceways
Sept 5th - Thursday
Level 0, I, II, III
The Ridge Motorsports Park
May 24th - Friday
Level 0, II, III
July 12th - Friday
Level 0, II, III
July 31st - Wednesday
Level 0, I, II, III
Sept 14 - Saturday
Level 0, I, II, III
Find out how Sullivan Race School can get you racing in the Northwest!
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